Monday, 14 April 2014

Provisional posting - updates forthcoming.

Hit the Hold aims to:

1. Entertain, stimulate, interest and educate people to access all that nature, science, culture and art have to offer.
2. Encourage the creation of i-Tributes to raise awareness of the human qualities of your loved ones who have faced tremendous life challenges with regard to their health.
3. Provide opportunities for you to apply to have your i-Tribute published in a special edition of the book, Hit the Hold. Hit the Hold provides this service totally free of charge.
4. Et Skram, the author of Hit the Hold, is donating his profits from sales of the book, Hit the Hold, to support it's charitable aims.

Hit the Hold is now available

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People of all ages, children and adults alike, are stimulated by: facts stranger than fiction; surprising revelations; true-life adventures; close encounters in the wild; and cultures in all their incredible variety. This insight into the mysterious world of the snowbird brings all these elements together in a true story which encompasses time from prehistory to the present along with locations from around the world and beyond. The result will leave you more fascinated, more interested and even more curious than ever before.

Hit the Hold also serves a public service function aimed at promoting whole-person care in both the supporting of, and in the medical treatment of those suffering from a life changing illness, condition or injury. For instance, one key area which is often neglected is psycho-therapeutic treatment, the absence of which represents a major gap in medical care. This is despite its proven efficacy when used for: reducing pain; improving immune functioning; attenuating adverse reactions to chemical and/or drug therapies; and increasing quality of life. This is not an alternative to other medical treatments but rather, it lies at the centre of medical wellbeing for those suffering from life changing conditions. Sadly, it is not always made available in regular medical care plans.

Et Skram has donated his profits from Hit the Hold to support this charitable cause.